Organic Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook’s organic marketing strategy is all about social engagement. That can bring more followers, traffic, growth, and visibility to your Facebook Business Page.

What is social engagement?

Social engagement is getting likes, comments, clicks, shares, and views on your posts and videos.

Always create social posts for people, not for business. 

When you create a post, you should have your audience in mind, how to help them, what they need to know, and how your business can help them.

Do not post just about your business, like what your company does, how good your business is, etc.

People need solutions to their problems. Just help them solve their problems, and they are all yours.

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

The first step in your Facebook organic marketing strategy is to optimize your Facebook business page. Here is the checklist for Facebook page optimization:

  1. Update the page’s profile photo.
  2. Create CTA (Call To Action) Button.
  3. Update contact information.
  4. Update the about section.
  5. Create a pinned post with the latest company promotions, offers, FAQs, Welcome-message, etc.
  6. Define your page’s category. Facebook shows just the first selected category on your page, but you can still define more than one in the category field.

Facebook Organic Marketing Strategy

Here are all possible ways to promote your business and websites (free) organically.

Define Your Audience

If you have answers to the following questions, your audience is ready:

  1. Who are your ideal potential customers?
  2. What do they want on Facebook?

Further to that, define the following parameters:

  1. Their age range?
  2. Their Geolocation? (country/city/state/area)
  3. What type of responsibilities/jobs are they doing in their daily life?
  4. What are their problems in relevance to what your business/project/service is offering?
  5. How are you the solution to their problems? (within your niche)
  6. How and when do they use Facebook? (at home/school/office/before-bed/etc)

If you already have the audience on your page, check your page’s audience insights section. You can find that in Meta Business Suite.

Define Your Goals

  1. Do you want to grow followers or increase engagement?
  2. What do you want your followers to do:
    1. To build brand awareness?
    2. Improve customer support?
    3. Want to maintain a consistent image on social media?
    4. Bring in more traffic?

Plan Your Social Content Strategy

  1. What to post? Here are some tips:
    1. Always post in a fun way, with creativity.
    2. Industry news.
    3. Company news.
    4. Start a weekly segment, for example: Start a segment and name it “Tuesday Tips”. In the segment, you can share some short tutorials about any of your services, short vlogs, informative videos, or maybe you can go live, etc.
    5. Promotional posts
    6. Either use the Rule-of-Third for page content:
      1. 1/3 of stories like posts (33%)
      2. 2/3 direct interactive posts (33%)
      3. 3/3 promotional posts (33%)
    7. Or use the 80-20 Rule for page content:
      1. 80% informative, entertaining, and educative posts (depending on your niche)
      2. 20% promotional posts.
  2. When to post? Here are a few tips:
    1. Check your Facebook page’s insights to get an idea about what can be an excellent time to post to get maximum social engagement.
    2. Do the experiments based on page insights and define your own time to post.

How To Increase Facebook Engagement?

Here are all the possible ways of increasing Facebook engagement on your Facebook Pages.

8 Types of Actionable Facebook Posts

1- Facebook Textual Posts

Textual posts have the highest engagement rate on Facebook. Do not include links in every text post, as they can easily get lost in the Facebook algorithm.

Keep the textual Facebook post short and to the point. 130 characters are ideal, as you can use the background color if you stay within the characters limit. 

But, if your post is longer than 130 characters, it is still acceptable.

Here are some tips for writing text posts:

  1. Ask questions on your page for audience interaction and engagement:
  2. Ask questions with one of the two options. “This or That” type of questions. Because such questions are easy to answer and don’t take much time.
  3. For example:
    1. Which drink do you like? ‘Pepsi’ / ‘Cocacola’
    2. Or
    3. Which of the two images is more attractive? ‘1’ / ‘2’
  4. Post at least once a day. Post can be anything visual or textual.
  5. Share Facebook’s native content within the Facebook territory. Native content is the content that is posted on your Facebook page or profile. If you share the external link, the Facebook user will have to leave Facebook to visit that link, and Mark Zuckerberg hates people leaving his domain big time.
  6. Keep them on Facebook and grow your page likes and followers.
  7. Do not write the following phrases in your page posts:
    1. Comment below
    2. Write “XYZ” in the comment to get “ABC” from us.

In short, you should avoid all sorts of comment-baiting phrases. Because Facebook take them seriously now, and your page can face trouble.

2- Facebook Photo Posts

Here are some tips for creating photos for Facebook posts relevant to your niche/business:

  2. Infographics
  3. Artwork

3- Facebook Video Posts

Some ideas for Facebook video posts:

  1. Explainer videos
  2. Demo videos
  3. Interview videos
  4. BTS sneak-peak videos
  5. Event Coverage
  6. Webinar/Seminar recordings
  7. Reels

4- Facebook Stories

Make sure you are posting a story at least once a day. You can post the following types of content in Facebook stories:

  1. BTS (Behind The Scene) videos of your business.
  2. Casually recorded videos
  3. Vlog-type videos
  4. Reels
  5. Images

Stories must be honest, raw, authentic, and more fun than formal.

5- Facebook Live Posts

Go live on your Facebook business page and publish it on your page once the live session is finished.

You can schedule it twice or once weekly, but do not miss it. Because it is a very engaging strategy for interacting with the followers/audience and building trust with them.

You can also go live on your page and randomly talk about or refer to your business page for promotion purposes.

Some ideas for going live on Facebook Page:

  1. Questions and Answers session with the audience.
  2. Explain your business services/features.
  3. Motivational speeches.

6- Facebook Links Posts

You can post external links from your website to send traffic to your recently published blog post.

Facebook Messenger

  1. Use Facebook messenger chatbots. Facebook offers default responses for automating welcoming and filtering your visitors for the initial conversation.
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