Twitter Marketing Strategy: Complete Guide

Twitter Organic Marketing Strategy

Relevancy and Usefulness:

Relevance means the content should be related to your niche directly or indirectly.

Usefulness is that the content has to be of help to the reader.

Such content can get retweeted by other Twitter users, and the real juice is in retweets. Just imagine if someone with 100K followers retweets your tweet. (Voila!)

Please do not write your tweet in a single paragraph; make it multiline because it is easy to read and understand.

Therefore, write neatly, use bullets, numbers, etc.

Visual Content

Visual content works better than textual, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave textual behind.

Because twitter threads are primarily written in textual form, these threads are the best method for Twitter’s growth.

Visual content can be an image or a video that is relevant and useful for the viewer.


Use trending hashtags; the best option for a new Twitter account and even for a grown Twitter profile is to use Recurring Twitter hashtags for every day of the week.

You can download the 24/7 hashtag worksheet. Here is the list: (Try not to use more than two hashtags in one tweet.)

  1. #MondayMood
  2. #TransformationTuesday
  3. #WednesdayWisdom
  4. #TBT (Throwback Thursday)
  5. #FridayFeeling
  6. #Caturday
  7. #SundayFunday

Twitter Threads

Twitter users like to read exciting threads. Therefore, it is the fastest way to grow your Twitter account.

You can post one thread per week if you are fast in doing detailed research on the topic and can gather relevant stats and images to use in your article.

You can post your whole article in a Twitter thread in small chunks in a series of continuous tweets, added one after the other.

Make sure to use quality words. No need to make your tweets wordy. Keep it short. Please keep it to the point.

Threads are not like a typical blog post, as you can write wordy content in blog posts, but here in a Twitter thread, you have to use the short form. 

Take your time, prepare your content wisely, and then post it once per week or every other week. More is better while maintaining quality.

Tweets Ideas

If you are out of ideas for your tweeter post, you should see what others are retweeting in your niche. Because what they retweet is what they like and love to share.

Get ideas from their retweets, use your creativity, write your tweets, and post on your Twitter.

ReTweet Tweets

Retweet tweets that your audience enjoys. The tweets getting more likes and retweets within your niche should also retweet on your profile. 

Do not do more than 1 or 2 retweets per day.


Always keep a conversational tone while you are writing tweets or whole threads. Write simple yet informative in an informal way.


Keep on tweeting with consistency. It is not like you must have to tweet daily or multiple times a day, but follow your routine. Even if you post on every alternative day, follow it consistently.


Interact with other Twitter profiles by referring to them in your tweets (By using others’ @twitter_username Twitter handle in your tweet).

Make sure that you are referring to a profile that is relevant to your post.

Reply to other established Twitter accounts in your niche. Add your thoughts to their tweets.

Profile Promotion

Promote your profile (@your_username) everywhere on Twitter, with comments/replies and off-Twitter.

Customer/Client Base

Depending on your project model, tap into your customers’/clients base by following their Twitter profiles.

Followers Campaign

Run Twitter ads to increase your followers if you want to speed up the process. (Suggested by Twitter)


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