For New YouTube Creators: 20 Mandatory Tips in 2023

If you want to be a successful YouTube creator in 2023, read these tips and follow them because they will help you a lot this year. These tips are even suitable for those who already have a YouTube channel.

What Niche should I select for my YouTube Channel?

If you are an expert in something, make it your YouTube channel niche. OR if you are passionate about something, make it your YouTube channel’s niche.

What name should I select for my YouTube channel?

  1. Choose such name that explains your YouTube channel’s niche.
  2. Choose a brand name that is unique to your channel. That can be anything that doesn’t make sense but is easy to understand, easy to remember, and can identify only your channel name on YouTube.

What is the best way to create a video title and description?

  1. Use your keyword (a long tail keyword or phrase) at the start of your video title.
  2. Use your keyword/phrase in the video description multiple times (maybe 3 to 4 times). You can also use LSI and semantic keywords to keep them unique to the topic.

Does video quality and audio quality matter?

  1. Audio quality of your video matters a lot in 2023. Ensure your voice is clear and the audio is easily understandable without any echo, noise, or distraction. For indoor recording, you can use condenser mics like:
    1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone
    2. Samsung C01U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone

And if you want to shoot outdoors, then you can use mics like:

    1. Rod Wireless Go 2 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone
    2. BOYA ByM1 Auxiliary Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone with 20ft Audio Cable
  1. Video quality has to be good, non-blurry, and clean. 720p and above is good, but 1080p and above is recommended YouTube video quality.
  2. If you are making tutorials by recording your screen, ensure the display is zoomed to a readable level. Small fonts are hard to read and can let your viewers leave the video. No matter how well you have explained the topic, they’ll leave if they can’t watch it easily.

How to manage video mistakes while recording?

If you plan to record, for example, a 3-minute long video. Then you can’t record the video in one go (typically).

It is recorded in multiple parts (recommended). Because it helps while editing your recorded video, you can remove those parts that are not good and have problems.

Are video bloopers good for YouTube videos?

  1. Video bloopers are good.
  2. Let’s say that unwillingly you have made a mistake while recording your video. And you want to remove that part from your video, but that mistake looks acceptable and joyful to you. Then you can use that part with a mistake as video-bloopers at the end of your video.
  3. People will surely enjoy the bloopers while bringing you long video retention. Also, if the bloopers are hilarious, you’ll get comments interaction.

What is the best way to manage YouTube video comments?

  1. Remember to reply to the YouTube video comments ASAP. Give likes and hearts to each comment of your subscribers and non-subscribers.
  2. If the viewer’s comment is good or harmful, instantly respond. It helps your video to rank higher in YouTube search results and increase subscribers! (of course, delete abusive/lousy language comments if you want.)

Is it reasonable to visually express what you are saying in the video?

  1. Yes, you should visually express what you are saying in the video.
  2. For example:
    1. If you are talking about the moon, show the moon clip. If you are talking about bikes, then show beautiful bikes while speaking.
    2. If you are explaining something from a webpage, slide, image, PDF, etc., use your mouse cursor and make rectangles/circles on the words you are explaining with the help of the best screen recorder online, or show by selecting the text which you are explaining, etc.

What approach should I use on my new YouTube channel?

You should use a data-driven approach for your newly created YouTube channel. It would be best if you published a bunch of videos and then analyzed your YouTube Analytics data to see where the spikes are appearing and the peaks and drops in graphs etc.

Also, observe if each video’s retention graph is going down continuously. These things help you understand what and where you need more viewer interest in your video.

Lean from your both excellent and nasty videos, and make the following videos accordingly.

How often should I post the video on my YouTube channel?

  1. Be consistent. Consistency doesn’t mean that you should produce multiple videos daily, every other day, weekly, or bi-weekly.
  2. Consistency means first observing how often your audience needs to watch the following video in your niche. For example, you have to post more frequently if you are in the entertainment niche compared to the education niche.
  3. Therefore, the answer to “how often shall I publish videos” is that you’ll have to decide for yourself what audience you have and how fast they can consume/digest your current video. That is how you can decide when to publish your next video.
  4. Wait to post like you have published a video today, and the following video is coming after a month or at any random time. Just be consistent with whatever you publish and how often you publish.
  5. Make sure your content is powerful and has honest and solid information.

How to get engagement on YouTube Videos?

  1. Make a signature move that belongs to “Just yourself.”
  2. Like other top YouTubers, do something in every video that is common among your videos, and people can recognize you with your signature move.
  3. That can be your intro, anything you always say in the middle of your video, or the outro of your video.

Is the YouTube community tab important?

Yes, the community tab is suitable for sharing your knowledge to start polls, inform about your next video topic, etc.

Does sharing my other social profiles help on my YouTube channel?

Yes, it is a good way of increasing your engagement and community by sharing your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, etc., handles in your video descriptions.

Share your new YouTube video notifications on your social profiles to get more engagement.

You may also check out my following free social marketing guides:

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Where to learn more about YouTube?

You should try YouTube’s Academy for creators. Learn how to monetize, get more views, and more directly from YouTube’s platform.

How to handle YouTube video strikes?

If you have received a video strike, respond if you think it is fake. If it is not fake and you have done something to welcome that strike, it would still be better if you accept it and do not remove the video because removing it won’t help.

Just keep it there on your channel and avoid such mistakes in the future.

Best way is to contact the person who sent the strike and try to settle the issue with him.\

Shall I stick to one type of content on my YouTube channel?

Actually, stick to more than one type of content on your YouTube channel. Try vlogs and other types to see what works better for your channel.

If you find something that interests your audience more, create more content for that audience.

What is the benefit of using a YouTube playlist?

You should always create playlists for each type of sub-niche and even wholly new niches. It helps when you direct the viewers to see your other videos relevant to the one they are currently watching.

Always link your viewers to the related playlists by showing cards at the end of your videos.

What is a good thumbnail for YouTube videos?

  1. Your thumbnail text (font) has to be bigger so that the viewer on a mobile device can easily read it and understand the purpose of your video.
  2. Mention the critical points in your video’s thumbnail. It improves the video’s CTR (Click Through Rate).
  3. Show your face “with expressions relevant to the video” in your thumbnail.

Does it help to go live on YouTube?

Yes, live streaming always helps get more engagement. Therefore, I recommend that you go live with your subscribers on YouTube once in a while, whether weekly or bi-weekly. The Sooner is better!

Just answer the questions and be like a friend.

Does video scheduling help on YouTube?

Yes, it does help. I do it consistently. Because if you have created videos in advance, you can take a break once in a while from YouTube and enjoy your life.

Plan your content for a month or 15 days at least. Create the videos, edit them and schedule them to publish.

Life is essential, and so is work!

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